Kirtan and Sound Healing – Apr 15th, 2018

KIRTAN!! & Sound Healing with Monica Page Subia, Juli Burdette Cassandra Wallick, Lanita Ugstad Prem Vidu & Carlos Santo

April 15th
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tempe Studio

Minimum $15, kids free!

Join us for a SuperSonic Lift-off into Love, Gratitude & Empowerment!!

“A mantra can be thought of as a sonic embodiment of the supreme being who, through grace, takes infinite recognizable forms.” – Jai Uttal

The tradition of kirtan—devotional chanting—is a way to access universal positive qualities such as love, courage, compassion. Through chanting, we focus our thoughts and emotions into a practice honoring and connecting with the Divine. Because vibration is the substance of all things, including our bodies and mind-stuff ​(chittam), chanting influences us in many beneficial ways.

The Band of Now and Monica Page Subia

Monica Page Subia is an extremely diverse vocalist, guitarist, composer/songwriter, programmer and yoga instructor.
She is currently recording and leading Kirtan events around Phoenix, Arizona. Regarding the “style” of her music, she says,” A mantra asks for what it needs in terms of mood, arrangement, instrumentation, etc. I simply try to serve the mantra and supply what it requires to evolve into that desired manifestation. Jai Saraswati! , Jai Hanuman!, Svaha!

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