Our Philosophy

Why Inner Vision Yoga?

Inner Vision Yoga’s dedicated and enthusiastic teachers have extensive experience in every aspect of yoga from asana to anatomy to philosophy with an emphasis on cultivating greater awareness.  All classes are taught in a thoroughly supportive atmosphere to encourage physical and mental transformation.  “Go in, Peace Out” means that you experience more than just a “workout”; each class becomes a practice integrating mind, body and soul.

Your great class experience includes …

It is the intention of Inner Vision Yoga to provide you with:

  • One Class Package. Three Locations. Why settle for one studio when you can have THREE?
  • MORE classes + MORE variety = MOST choices! Nearly 150 classes a week means something for EVERYONE!
  • RADIANT HOT yoga classes heat you up the same way the sun does! State-of-the-art Far Infrared technology warms and heals from the inside out.
  • Enthusiastic, non-dogmatic encouragement. Most varied and deeply experienced teaching staff!