Meditation Workshop – Moving Into the Space In Between – Sep 30th

Meditation Workshop – Moving Into the Space In Between with Brigitte Yancy

Sep 30th, 2018
2:00 to 3:15
Chandler Studio

$24 before Sept 23; $34 after Sept 23

Join us for Meditation Workshops with a unique theme to help you establish and enhance your meditation practice, as well as incorporate the benefits of your meditation practices into your daily life! In addition to the workshop, you will be offered practices to use in your home meditation practice and Brigitte will be available to offer guidance and assistance and answer any questions you have!

Whether you are brand new to meditation, have meditated in the past and are looking to get back on track or are looking for guidance to re-invigorate your current practice, these monthly Meditation practices are the perfect workshop for you! Just one hour and 15 minutes, to learn new meditation techniques that could change your life!

September – Moving Into the Space In Between

Between the stimulus and the response there is a space and within that space lies our power, freedom and peace. ~ (Viktor Frankl Author of Man’s Search for Meaning.)

Very often, when we feel depleted, overwhelmed, over stimulated or even simply fatigued, the very best thing we can do for ourselves is simply stop and pause.

The practice of meditation is itself, a practice of stopping and pausing. This meditation will guide you to move deeply into the quiet, peaceful, stillness of the space in between the stimulus and the response and there, find ease, nurturing, and clarity. You will also learn to cultivate a greater awareness of and connect with the many opprotunities you have in your day to pause and drop into the space in between whenever you need to.

Did you know that, while meditation is a very relaxing practice, it offers much more in addition to relaxation? With regular practice, meditation helps us to actually change our habits and move away from living in fear, anger or anxiety and move into living in a calmer and more thoughtful and balanced way.

In addition, meditation offers these benefits as well:

• A quieter (and therefore more focused, resilient and creative) mind

• Greater mental and emotional stability and clarity

• Lowering blood pressure and reducing headaches, fatigue and even back aches due to

• Sleeping better and more deeply and waking feeling more rested.

• Boosting the immune system and helping the body to fight off disease.

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Bio: Brigitte Yancy began practicing meditation on and off in 2002 and has been a regular practitioner since 2008. She has been teaching weekly Beginning and Intermediate Meditation classes since 2009 and has help hundreds of students to not only learn to meditate, but to use meditation to move through some of life’s most difficult times such as cancer diagnosis and treatment, the loss of a spouse or loved one and PTSD. Brigitte has turned to meditation to help her through the loss of both of her parents and for treatment for anxiety and panic disorders. She is a teacher on staff at Inner Vision and often incorporates meditative themes into her classes.

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