Summer Self-Camp Series – Jul 27th thru Sep 8th (select weekends)

Summer Self-Camp Series with Astara Robinson

Select Weekends from Jul 27th thru Sep 8th, 2018
Tempe Studio

$179 full series by July 20; $215 after July 20
Single session $35

July 27th 6:30 – 9:00 pm – Fancy Feet Fun
July 28th – 12:30 – 3:00 pm – Leg Love

Aug 10th – 6:30 – 9:00 pm – Hip Hop Hooray
Aug 11th – 12:30 – 3:00 pm – Low Back Liberation

Aug 24th – 6:30 – 9:00 pm – Shoulder Boulders Be Gone
Aug 25th – 12:30 – 3:00 pm – One Heck of a Happy Neck

Sept 8th – 12:30 – 3:00 pm – Jedi Mind Tricks

Join Astara this summer for a series of 7 different workshops designed to take you on a funky fresh journey through you! Work sequentially from the ground up with your body, mind and spirit. Each session is full of a variety of tools for self exploration, education and care.

Look forward to unpacking functional anatomy in your postures. Explore the elements and chakras. Apply alignment as therapy in each major body intersection. Experience self-reflection time and learn self-massage techniques.

Moving through traditional and innovative activities for exploration of Self and ways of relating energy awareness to your practice; this course can be used for your personal desire to explore, grow, learn, have fun or to jumpstart a new beginning in your life.

This series is for all bodies. The nerds and the empaths will feel right at home in these workshops. While those newer in their practice of yoga, will find that they too can create and find a unique home in a yoga practice.

Focused YOU time with guidance to directly apply these tricks to start opening doors in your life for abundance; physical and mental freedom; and stability.

Join for the entire summer session or drop into the focused areas of your choice. For the fullest experience you’re encouraged to come to all 7 workshops in the series!

1. Fancy Feet Fun

Reflexology of feet with hologram of whole body, foundation, anatomy of feet and alignment of ankle loop. Foot reading. Reflection opportunities on your place in this world and time with yoga postures relative to feet. Learn to use the feet to create floating effect in postures. Review all elements and chakra.

2. Leg Love

Anatomy of legs, massage techniques for self-care; alignment of shin and thigh loops; relationship to 1st chakra, pelvic floor, mula bundah and earth element. Unpacking ways to stand and walk. Postures to awaken leg energy and multilevel tools for integration of new concepts.

3 Hip Hop Hooray

Anatomy of the pelvis, as related to the upper leg and lower back. 2nd Chakra: sacral and water element. Pelvic loop, the psoas muscle and looking at hips as the foundation of some major alignment holding patterns. Practices designed to work with the unique energy of the hips.

4 Low Back Liberation

Anatomy and function of the spine with focus on lumbar/low back. More on psoas muscle. Vagus nerve and digestion relation. Common low back issues and energetic components. 3rd Chakra: solar plexus and fire element. Uddiyana bandha. Postures related to this focused area.

*Those with desire to work toward resolving chronic low back pain are strongly encouraged to take proceeding workshop: Hip Hop Hooray as complement to this workshop.

5. Shoulder Boulders Be Gone

Anatomy of the upper back and shoulders. 4th Chakra: the heart and air element. Creating safe movement and more openness. Bhakti Yoga exploration, the wonder of LOVE, self-care and heart opening postures related to this area.

6. One Heck of a Happy Neck

Anatomy of the neck and jaw. Self-massage techniques. 5th Chakra: throat and ether element. Jalandhara bandha. Simple yet effective neck release tricks, ways to support the neck in daily life and yoga postures. Vibration, voice and reflection on this magically potent area.

7. Jedi Mind Tricks

Nervous system anatomy, philosophy and pranayama techniques. 6th Chakra: the third eye. 7th Chakra: the crown. Working with light and thought as elements. Tricks to working with your beautiful mind. Guided self-observing opportunities. Algorithms to operate with your personal mind and higher mind. Theory and practical application of meditation. Tools to strengthen your intuition. Frequent brief moments of time spent in postures to support a happy body during meditation.

Well practiced yogis and newbies alike are welcome to come play in the land of YOU!

Participants can bring a personal notebook or journal, pen, water bottle, and mat. Loose sheets of paper will be provided if needed.

Bring a small totem item if desired but not mandatory.

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Astara is the founder of the outdoor, donation-based, yoga studio: Daley Park Yoga in Tempe, Arizona. Daley Park Yoga was established in 2014 and offers weekly classes and charity “Give Back” events for the local community. An enthusiast for observing the mind and its role in this wild universal playground. A meditating, chanting mama. She’s a story storyteller at heart, with a detective’s mind who looks at life as an adventure. Daydreamer. Nature-child. RN. Nerd. Licensed Massage Therapist. Educator. Energy dancer. Emotional coach. Yoga Teacher. Community builder. Twin to a twinflame. Foodie. Immature gardener. Writer.

Astara is wildly interested in the human experience and the unique story going on behind the scenes for each of us. That story might be told with language. It could come from the expression of the body’s tissues and holding patterns. While for some individuals a story will be communicated in their energy, their emotions and unseen currents running through them. Her absolute passion is holding space and guiding individuals to find the freedom that comes when they let that inner story unstick itself.

Join her to learn what is measurable and explore what is magical. For more information check out her website

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