Yoga Nidra Teacher/Facilitator Training – Oct 19th – 21st

Yoga Nidra Teacher/Facilitator Training with Donna and Jeff Martens

Friday, Oct 19th 6:30-9:00
Saturday, Oct 20th 12:30-5:30
Sunday, Oct 21st 12:30-3:30
Tempe Studio

Early price $199 by Oct 12th; $229 after Oct 12th

The art and science of Yoga Nidra teaches us that we can change our self concept by accessing and repatterning the deep unconscious mind. Through Yoga Nidra, we not only begin to re-establish healthy belief systems, but also nourish our nervous system at its deepest level to create true and meaningful healing for our body and spirit. Learn how to guide a classroom or individuals into this ultimate form of relaxation and regeneration of the mind…
Come join us for a powerful weekend of learning this ancient tantric yoga technique from source materials. After this workshop you will not need to “rectify” or get clearance to teach yoga nidra as other teachers require with their programs – you will have gone to the source like they did and become part of the teaching lineage to share this knowledge with the world.
This training is appropriate for Yoga Teachers, Psychologists, Therapists, Life Coaches and those in the Healing Arts. This workshop is also appropriate for those who want to learn how to change their lives and how to use Yoga Nidra at home to create a healing effect.

Yoga Nidra has been proven to:

  • unwind patterns of chronic stress, tension, and fatigue
  • restore balance and calm the nerves
  • reduces depression, insomnia, stress and chronic pain
  • accesses ‘deep sleep’ healing patterns
  • increases peace and improves brain function

As a teacher and facilitator of Yoga Nidra you will…

  • Gain Experience! Hands on practice, teaching time and how to set the stage.
  • Get Creative! Supervision and guidance on developing your own ‘script’.
  • Go to the source! Use the sequence of steps prescribed by Satayanda Saraswati to use the ancient technique most effectively.

Experience for yourself the physical, mental and emotional health benefits behind the original systematic tantric pratyahara yoga technique and the science behind the rotation of consciousness.

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Instructors: Jeff and Donna have a combined 30+ years of experience training and teaching yoga teachers and yoga therapists. You may find out more info by checking out their bios below:
Jeff Martens
Donna Martens

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