Tuition and Payment Plans

Program Tuitions

200 Hour Teacher Training & Advanced Studies Programs

Early registration: $2400
Regular registration: $2700
Please contact the studio at(480) 632-7899 to Register for the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Weekday Summer Intensive in Ahwatukee, Aug 15th – Sep 24th

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HEY: Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy Training Program

Early registration: $2400
Regular registration: $2700

Total program costs for this program are as follows:
Total cost of the program is $3600 ($600 to register for the program, then tuition payments totaling an additional $3000 submitted at the beginning of each workshop over the course of the next 2 years).
Additional cost for textbooks and supplies.

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Tuition Payment Plans

PayPal “Bill Me Later” Payment Plan

Pay your tuition in installments with PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” option. To set up manageable payments to pay your tuition, you can pay your tuition via PayPal and take advantage of their “Bill Me Later” option. If you do not qualify for “Bill Me Later” please see the in studio payment plan options below.

For more information about PayPal credit, please visit the PayPal website. This plan is for 200-hour training programs.

Pay for your training in up to 6 installment payments. When paying for your Registration, upon checkout through PayPal, select the “Bill Me Later” option.  Then, follow the instructions to apply for the “Bill Me Later” payment plan.

Please note that once you set up your payment plan through PayPal, all of your future payments and questions will be between PayPal and you.  Additional fees and interest from PayPal apply.  It is most cost effective to pay in full directly to Inner Vision Yoga without payments.  While Pay Pal’s “Bill Me Later” option will give you monthly installment payments, it can add at least $110 to your total 200-hour tuition price.

To take advantage of the early registration price, your PayPal Bill Me Later payment plan must be finalized with PayPal on or before the early registration date of your teacher training program. Check out Schedule page for your early registration deadline.

In Studio Payment Plans

If you do not qualify for PayPal payment plans such as “Bill Me Later” and do not wish to charge your tuition, We offer the following in-house payment plans.

Inner Vision Yoga Payment Plan 200 HR Tuition

This payment plan is directly with Inner Vision Yoga and is based on the $2700 base tuition for the 200-hour Teacher Training program, plus a $50 administration fee.

To participate in the payment plan, the student must:

  • Make a deposit of $500, which will be applied to the tuition, along with the $50 non-refundable administrative fee (total $550) before the start date of the training.
  • Pay $1100 (half of the remaining balance $2200) 14 days (two weeks) after the start date of the program.
  • Pay the remaining $1100 balance no later than 6 weeks (42 days) after the start date of the program.

Please note that late payments will be assessed an additional $50 administrative fee.

Ready to set up your In Studio Payment Plan?

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Inner Vision Yoga HEY Yoga Therapy Master Program

There are no payment plans for the Master Programs. The fee structure is pay as you go. Workshops are once a month and range from $90 to $300.  Late payments incur an additional fee.