Patricia Pagliuca

Patricia Pagliuca
500cyt since 2001.  You know how life gets really busy, and then you start rushing and stressing so much you forget to breathe and appreciate all the good in your life? I teach yoga as an invitation to slow down and enjoy a mindful pause from the hectic pace of daily life. I encourage you to align with the peace, truth, and joy that is already inside of you while breathing and moving through intelligent, playful sequencing. In class I incorporate breath, mudra, deep relaxation, and meditation to support you in reconnecting with your innate goodness and well-being. I LOVE yoga because it’s fun and it reveals the beauty, power, and awareness within you. How amazing is that?  I feel like the luckiest woman alive to remind folks to take the magic and delight they discover on the mat out into everyday life and I look forward to seeing you soon.

A ray of sunshine! Patricia’s use of imagery, constant reminder to check in and be easy on ourselves.  She
teaches with unconditional love.-
Jessica B.

Patricia is therapy- She is so kind in her speech and actions she inspires me to teach like her. – Jenny K., 200 hr TT student

Patricia is an expert at breaking individual movements to each asana. While facilitating each asana she maintains and reinforces the connection of the physical with the mind and spirit.
–  Susan S., 300 hr TT Student

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